In all my free time.


Flowers, People, and Cars with my Nikon D40. It's mostly fun, but has resulted in a few dollars on the side taking pictures of food for The Boathouse and

Every once in a while I post my photos on Flickr.


My engineering experiance culminated in the founding of Sandbox Engineering & Design with Saki, Eamon, and Kevin. We've worked on a number of projects together and are now working on projects together again, providing design, engineering, and ideation services. More info at

I'm always interested exciting in new opportunities, either full time or under contract, feel free to read my resume if you're interested in working with me.


You can reach me via e-mail with "matthew <put an at sign here> royhousehold (dot) net" you can also use that address to reach me with Google Talk and compatible clients.

On Twitter: @im_just_matthew

On Facebook: imjustmatthew